Customer Testimonials

Margaret and Donald Wood Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

We love the Chinese Rib Sauce.My husband thought I bought the ribs in a Chinese restaurant.

Nick of Rhode Island Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Your rib sauce is so bomb spot on spare rib flavor I already used 6 bottles!

Paula of Massachusetts Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Love Love Love all three sauces! Especially the teriyaki sauce. Stir fry up some veggies and chicken and add in this sauce and it is yummy! You just have to try it! So glad you are in my local store although i totally wish you were in the stop and shop so i could get it on peapod!

Grace | New York Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

My son continually raved about your Chinese Rib Sauce. Unfortunately, the store in NY where he purchased it was no longer in business. He went on line and found out that you have a market in Dennis, Massachusetts that carries the sauce. (I was going to Dennis for my 10th year in a row for vacation.) I went into the Dennis Market and purchased the last four jars on the shelf. I kept one jar for myself and made some ribs. The best I ever had. Thanks for a wonderful, wonderful product. A Fan Forever.

Ray | Massachusetts Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Butcher Block’s sauces are simply the best ever. I was disappointed when my local supermarket stopped carrying your product, but now I have found your web site and I am very pleased. I will be ordering cases of this stuff as I love it so much. Great job guys keep up the good work.

Stephanie | Massachusetts Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Well I caved in and tried this wonderful sauce. I marinated the ribs and followed the directions to a tee. Needless to say…15 lbs of country-style ribs were gone in a matter of MINUTES. My son who is a professional chef asked what I had used for the sauce, so I showed him the bottle. He was overjoyed…he uses this sauce and never thought that I could find it to use it…he said they were THE BEST ribs I had ever made!!!

Thank you Butcher Block Sauces!

Jon | Massachusetts Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Love the new site! I am so glad to see your sauce in most of the big chain stores.

Laura | Florida Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Your Chinese Rib Sauce is the best… we have friends bring it back to us when the go home for a visit.

Karin | Vermont Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Recently our local Co-op stopped carrying your product, and we are ADDICTED to your Teriyaki Sauce. I am so pleased that we can order online, and when I am running out, I will be able to get more. (I bought the last 4 bottles the store had!) Thanks!

Ludovicz Family | Massachusetts Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Thank you so much for placing your products for sale online. I was introduced to Butcher Block Original Rib Sauce at a barbeque in the parking lot of a Jimmy Buffett concert in Mansfield , Mass. , (believe it or not) years ago and fell in love. Now it has absolutely became a family favorite. There is no other product out there anything even close to it.

Over the last year or so, the sources for this product have dried up. I have been unable to purchase it at all of the stores where I usually shop and had been getting it – Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, Trucchi’s. I have been looking everywhere. Those stores all carry the new barbeque sauce, but no rib sauce. I have entered comments at each of these stores that this item should be stocked, but to no avail. I was truly beginning to think that you had stopped making it. As a result, we have nursed our last two jars along for months now, using it gingerly to make it last. How ecstatic to find that you now offer it for online purchase. We cannot thank you nearly enough for making available in this way.

If you ever plan to halt production, please give us a heads up and I will order a few cases to freeze or find some way to keep. As I said above, no other rib sauce will do for us now and we have really been missing ribs – and chicken. What a great summer we will have now.

Over the weekend, believe me, I will be placing a good sized order for rib sauce. Just in case. Thanks again for thinking of the customers.

Your Original Rib Sauce biggest fans!

Kathrine | Massachusetts Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.


I have a very difficult time finding your sauces at Shaws. Sometimes they have a display on an end cap and when they don’t, it is no where to be found. I have never found it in the regular bar-b-que sauce section except when a customer sets one down to switch it with something else. I have asked clerks and they have no idea what I am talking about. I feel that your sauces are the best, the teriyaki is great on my steaks and the bar-b-que is the best on chicken. Why then is it so hard to find in the supermarket? Please so something to get your sauces in the regular isle so I can find them.


Dear Butcher Block,

I had a panic attack this weekend when I finished my last bottle of Chinese rib sauce from a case I purchased a couple of years ago and the phone number I had stuck inside my kitchen cabinet came up the number was no longer in service. Thank God I found you on-line. The graphics on the bottle look different but I am hoping for the same great taste. Just ordered myself a half dozen bottles and can’t wait for them to come down to New Jersey .

Glad your still around!

Cathy | Massachusetts Testimonial for Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

Dear Butcher Block,
I rave about you guys, and now I can see why! You are terrific. The Chinease Rib Sauce is actually so good, that I ship it to my girlfriend in New Orleans . (and she sends me Blue Plate Sandwich Spread!) It’s expensive, but she said she loves it so much – but can’t find it anywhere down there.

Thanks again