Our History

In 1948

The History of Butcher Block Sauces Inc.

People from all over would come into his meat market in the North End to buy his marinated products. Customers would always ask if they can just buy the Teriyaki Sauce and Chinese Rib Sauce, but the only way they could get it was to buy it with the meat.

The meat company grew so much that in 1985 Joe decided to buy a 15,000 sq ft building in South Boston. From this location, Joe, primarily sold meat and marinated meat products to restaurants and chain stores.

In 1990, because of the overwhelming requests, Joe finally decided to bottle his Teriyaki Sauce and Chinese Rib Sauce, he also introduced a new sauce, Western B.B.Q. Sauce.

In July 2007 Joe has decided to close the meat company and retire, but, his daughters, Marisa Courtois and Diane Frazzica, have decided to continue their father’s legacy and concentrate on the bottled sauces.

The sauces have received compliments from across the country. The Teriyaki Sauce remains the champion of them all. The sauces have become an exceptional item and again proves the unique vision that Joe Frazzica possesses.

He lives up to his motto “Simply Prepared, Simply Delicious”. #1 in Quality and Service. “The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It”.